Workbench 2

The Workshop

Started July 2019

Converting a single car garage into my RC workshop.

I built the workbench first. I wanted something that would allow me to build large projects (even if I never do). It's 8' x 3' and stands 35" high. I put it on 5" castors so I could position it where I want. The idea is that it will be in the middle while I'm working on a project, allowing 360 degree access to the project. Then place it against the wall when that access isn't needed.

Overall, I'm happy with how it came out. It's way overbuilt but it shouldn't warp and will last forever.

The biggest challenge for this workshop was the electrical. I brought in my father for this as he knows electrical better than I do. We installed a seperate electrical panel for the workshop and added a lot of outlets, all 20amp.


The air conditioner required another box, located on the outside of the house in order to comply with code. I was introduced to these mini split units while living in Puerto Rico. They are quiet and efficient. It will outlast a portable AC unit by a long way and perform way better. In short, I should be comfortable for a long time.


Finally, I contracted out the drill and fill of the insullation. I wanted it done right and the price was reasonable. All I had to do was plug everything up and give it some paint.  

Workbench paint
Electrical Panel
MrCool Air Conditioning
Drill and Fill Complete
Getting ready to patch all the holes
Started to Paint
Painting is done