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Magnet Building System

I cherish the memories I have of building planes from balsa kits in my youth. However, I don’t miss the pain in my thumbs from pushing pins through balsa into cork board. Researching alternative methods lead me to the magnet building system.

After a lot of thought about building my own, I decided for the faster (and better quality) option and purchased a set from Airfield Models.

I finished the wood with some Beeswax Wood Polish and really like the result. The wood has a light wax feel to it and I’m hoping that will help prevent glue and other items from sticking to them. I’ve never used this stuff before so time will tell.

Head on over to Airfield Models for more details. I’m happy with the quality and the holding power of the magnets. I’m really looking forward to building again and this time without sore thumbs!

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