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Getting Started - Some Backstory

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Cool your jets man, I'm just getting started. I would describe myself as easily entertained. As a result, I've had many hobbies in my life. However, only one of those seems to always come back into my life and that is RC. Remote Control Airplanes to be exact.

I bought my first remote control airplane when I was in 7th grade. I used my paper route money and spent around $80 to buy a kit from the local hobby shop. Affraid that my parents would be mad with my purchase, I took the plane to my best friends house. His dad was a wood worker and had his own shop, so it was the perfect place to build the plane.

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A few (or a lot of few) evenings and weekends building with my friend and we had the model completed. This was September and as luck would have it my dad found out from my friend's dad during football practice, that we were doing a great job on this "plane". I had some explaining to do and it turned out that my fears were unjustified.

My dad was excited about the idea. I don't why I thought he would be mad, he was a pilot and flew with the civil air patrol for a while, but hadn't flown since I was around 4 years old. Any aviator is going to love their son getting into it and that proved true with my dad. Long story short, that christmas I got hooked up. I received all of the electronics to finish the plane and I had my dad by my side in the hobby as well.

I'll share the remainder of the story of my first remote controlled airplane for another time, but this was my start. Now, I'm back in the hobby for at least the 4th time in my life

. I've bought and sold lots of planes along the way but I haven't built a kit plane since the 90's. This is my journey back into RC. Reliving my original experience with the hobby, building, learning, flying, and crashing.

This website will document the process and hopefully inspire others to get into this amazing hobby.

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