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First Flight Back

It wasn’t pretty but after 3 landings and 1 battery, I’m back in the game!

The T28 hasn’t flown since it was in Puerto Rico. It was packed up and shipped to Colorado, then packed up and shipped again to South Carolina. As a result, the plane was way out of trim. I just didn’t inspect it close enough as my focus has been on preparing the Edge 540.

I took off and immediately noticed how out of trim I was. The plane would turn hard right and nose down pretty severely. It was enough that I couldnt take my thumbs off the sticks to adjust the trim. I circled around the pattern twice then came in to land. I was coming in hot and landed toward the end of the runway.

With the plane on the ground I put in some trim adjustments on the transmitter and prepared for another takeoff. Before doing so, I practiced adjusting the trim without looking at the transmitter. This proved to be a wise choice.

I took off again and even more trim adjustments were needed. Add more left and some more up. A few more circles around the pattern then back down for another landing.

I made a few more trim adjustments on the ground and then took off a final time. This time I could relax a little and did some aileron rolls and a loop before greasing another landing.

I wasn’t sure how much battery I had left as I had the throttle going for over 6 minutes, so I decided to call it good. I’m only on lunch break after all.

My first flight back was successful but it did shake my confidence a bit. I plan on flying the T28 a few more times before taking the Edge 540 to the skies. I want more experience with the flying field, the sun location at noon, and just getting the rhythm going again before I put the Edge 540 at risk. I‘m Back 2 RC once again.

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