3D Hobby Shop Edge 540

Purchased June 2019

A 3D capable gasser. Purchased used on Facebook Marketplace. Follow along as I make it my own and get my feet wet in the world of gas RC.

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3D Hobby Shop 540 Edge

This is my first plane purchase getting back into the hobby of remote controlled airplanes.

My first experience with rc airplanes was in the 90's with nitro engines. I love the smell and sound but never perfected the tuning. Then in the 2010's I got into electric. There was no cleanup but I had a big learning curve with lipos and chargers and well, everything. The tech had moved a lot and it was fun to see these bind and fly airplanes. It was also the start of drones and that was fun for a while too. But flights were short and there wasn't the magical sound of an engine.

I wanted a gasser to get the sound and flight times back. I also wanted a plane that could push me in aerobatics and perhaps even enter a competition or two. Then one fateful day of searching Facebook Marketplace I saw an ad for the 3D Hobby Shop 540 Edge and the guy only lived 1.5 hours away. Even better, he had only flown it 4 times...and didn't crash. I found a plane that met my desires (needs?) so I get flying quick while I put together my workshop and start building a kit.